Trump and the Angry White Man

If you live in the United States or follow national events closely, you will remember the phrase “The angry white man spoke” when the victory of Donald Trump was announced in November 2016.

“Angry white man” is a pejorative term used to describe white men who have typically conservative and reactionary views in the context of American politics, characterized by their “opposition to liberal anti-discriminatory policies” and their system of beliefs and in particular stereotypically opposed to the policies of the Affirmative Action Act and feminism.

The term was popularized in reference to a political voting block that emerged in the early 1990s as a reaction to the perceived injustices faced by white men against the quotas established by the implementation of “affirmative action” in place of work. They also tend to have animosity towards young people, women and / or minorities, especially Jews.

I still remember the feeling of amazement and perplexity I felt the night of November 20, 2016 when we heard that Donald Trump, the least qualified in every way to be President of this country, had won. And now, 18 months later, I finally understand: Donald Trump knew how to encourage and give hope to this angry white man who believed he had lost his country forever.

How is it possible that in the 21st century, when we all believed that American society was finally heading towards progressive positions, could such a heartrending political retreat occur?

“Let’s make America Great again!” Became the motto or war cry that this sector of the population assumed as theirs. For years these people were feeling discriminated against, displaced and their anger grew in the same proportion and feed the most reactionary groups that see in immigration, minorities and liberals a mortal danger to their way of life, their freedoms and thesecurity of their families.

That is why President Trump can say and do what he wants, that they will always support him, why? because they feel that at last they have someone in the White House who knows what they feel and who can give them back their place. They think “America was Great” only when they were in charge, when they were the undisputed majority, when they did not have to compete with a Latino or a Hindu for a job, but that time was also characterized by the rise of KKK, black discrimination was legal and lynchings for daring to look at a white woman were the order of the day, it was the time that the National Guard had to escort 4 black girls to enter their school and the murder of Malcom X and Martin Luther King jr. happend.

Those of us who belong to the minorities or are foreigners did not understand what was happening in the United States, we could not conceive that the Americans were so stupid to choose an insipid celebrity that neither had talent nor carisma, how could this happen? It happened simply because we forgot the “angry white man” and if we continue to ignore him he will surprise us again in the next elections because they do not care what Mr. Trump says or does, they only care that he fulfills his campaign promises to restore their long-forgotten position of privileges.

Trump phenomenon is not the worst thing that has happened to the United States, there have been worse times, but it has had the beneficial effect of shaking society to its deepest foundations and making us recognize that you can not ignore reality if you want that the country really advance and be, not only a world power in the economic or military, but also in the social with a real democracy for all, without discrimination or lagging sectors, that the ideas of Abraham Lincoln be made reality and be ours, a democracy in favor of all its citizens, “a democracy of the people, by the people and for the people”.

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